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We provide the following services:


Structure, Fractures, Rock Mechanics, Depostion/Diagenesis, Clastics/CO3's

Geophysical Interpretation

Horizon and Fault Mapping, Time to Depth Conversion, Property Estimation Using Seismic.

High Resolution Geophysics Using Statistical (PCA) Techniques

Post Stack Enhancement using Proprietary, Statistically-based Processing Techniques.

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Rapid 3D Model Building

Practical Gocad Model Building, Fault/Horizon Geometry Integration, Well Integration, Spatial Statistics (Geostatistics), Integration of Seismic Data, Volumetrics and Reserves Estimation.

Well Planning/Execution

Well Design in a 3D Reservoir Models, Complex/Horizontal Well Targeting, Real-Time Geosteering using 3D models.

Reservoir Engineering Support

Flow Connectivity Analysis in 3D, Geology to Flow Simulation ("scale-up"), Integration of G & G w/Flow Simulation.