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Scheevel Geo Technologies is a new company focused on Practical Integration of GeoTechnologies.

Our purpose is to help you understand the value of your reservoirs better, so that your operation can be more profitable! We provide onsite expertise, remote consultation and practical problem solving.

SGT specializes geological/geophysical aspects of reservoir evaluation/exploitation, equity determination, well planning/execution and advanced 3D reservoir modeling.

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Consulting Staff

Jay R. Scheevel - Principal Consultant

36 Years in the Oil & Gas industry:
8 years in Production (Geology, Geophysics)
8 years in Exploration (Geology, Geophysics)
5 years in Practical R & D (Geology, Geostatistics)

15 years Consulting and Advanced Mentoring (G&G, modeling)

Key strengths:
Rapid integration of geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, and well data into practical and usable 3D models.

  • Expert user/developer of Paradigm's Gocad/SKUA software
  • Computer literate, Unix(all flavors)/ Windows
  • Long-time seismic interpreter
  • Structural geologist w/ background in Rock Mech.
  • Experienced in production/equity mapping
  • Innovator in time-to-depth methodologies
  • Innovator in reservoir characterization with seismic
  • Extensive international experience (25+ years)

Advisory Staff

Mary Beth Scheevel - Geophysicist

6 Years in the Oil & Gas industry

  • Experience in seismic acquisition
  • Former seismic processor
  • Degrees in physics, and geophysics